Barbara Giovinazzo was born in Pinerolo (Turin, Italy) April 6th 1974.

Since childhood she has drawn everywhere: on walls, on school desks, on sheets and napkins… Caricatures of friends, teachers and famous people had always been the most prominent works of her.

In 1998 she moves to London to improve her english and to study philosophy.

In 2003, thanks to her love For music, she founds the independent record label GB SOUND. Working in the music industry allows her to travel through Europe and the United States enriching her cultural and artistic background; it is during these trips that she decides to improve her drawing by starting a ceramic painting courses.

In 2016, not even a year after the creation of her illustrated character, she participated in the exhibition dedicated to contemporary jewellery design at Villa Carlotta – Como.

In 2018, she draws her character for the “Born In Berlin” clothing line (Turin), by honoring the Fabulous Fifties with the creation of TEDDY BOY. In 2018 and 2019, she has been the artist for the GRAPHIC DAYS – VISUAL DESIGN FESTIVAL in Torino.

In February 2019 she is chosen as the main artist at the Fabbrica Del Vapore (Milan) For the exhibition “Omnia Vincit Amor” where she displays illustrations on several supports.

In 2019, her work on canvas “BIG BABBEL”, dedicated to the theme of Cultural Integration, is exhibited during the GRAPHIC DAYS TORINO at the “Museo Egizio” and gets widely acclaimed by the visitors For the simplicity and the way the concept of integration has been accomplished.

Currently, her works are on sale at the objects and design shop “Creativity Oggetti” in Turin, “Crete Piece Unique” in Bologna and “Tappeti Contemporanei” in Brera (Milan).

“This is the moment when all the experiences and emotions I have experienced seek the need to be expressed.”